Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Disable Caps Lock


Now you can disable your Caps Lock key in Windows... without any special software, and without having to pry the key off with a screwdriver. Read on to find out how. I also have a page on how to disable the Windows key.


Accidentally hitting the Caps Lock key when typing up an email or coding can be maddening. Most people never use it anyway, so why not disable it? In Windows, you can by adding some keyboard scancode mapping information to your Windows registry. The complete details are at annoyances.org. To make it even easier, I decided to add some .REG files so you can disable your shift key yourself without needing to muck around with the registry.


This method of disabling the Caps Lock key works with all modern Windows variants: Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro & Home and Windows 2003. It will not work with older versions.


  • These files are provided without warranty. Use them at your own risk.
  • These files will overwrite any keyboard mappings you currently have.
  • .REG files update your Windows registry. Incorrect changes to the registry may damage Windows or other installed software. Be sure you know what a given .REG file contains before merging it into the registry.
  • These files are unsupported, please do not contact me with questions on their use.

Installation / Files

The following files are .reg files. They modify the Windows registry directly. You should download them to your PC and then double-click them to add them to your registry. After saying YES to the message box, reboot your machine and enjoy freedom from Caps Lock annoyances.

Note: You cannot combine this with my method for disabling the Windows key as it will replace those scancode mappings.

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