Saturday, March 31, 2007

Outlook - Opening a Folder in a New Window

Opening a folder in a new window can help you work more efficiently when working in Outlook. If you're currently scrolling through a long message in your inbox and need to access the Calendar folder, when you return to the Inbox, the message you were originally reading has scrolled back to the beginning. You have to scroll through the message again to find your place. This can sometimes be a hassle and cause you to read the same parts of a message many times. The solution is to open subsequent folders in a new window. You can right-click on any folder to display the context menu shown.

Select Open in New Window to open the selected folder in another Outlook window. You can tile these two windows, and drag and drop information between the two windows.


If you're short on screen real estate and want to display more of each folder, you can hide the Navigation Pane by pressing Alt+F1 on the keyboard or by selecting View, Navigation Pane.

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