Friday, January 23, 2015

Firefox 35–Fails to login to twitter

Had this issue where Firefox fails to login to twitter, just retuning me to the login screen. Tested with Chrome – no issue there.

The solution was to clear the cookies for Twitter in Firefox.

Options->Privacy Tab –>Remove individual Cookies->Search for and remove all the relevant cookies.

Issue resolved.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fast way to open CMD or Powershell from Windows Explorer


This is an amazing tip I found as a comment on the Rick Strahl’s Web Log (by peSHIr).

So, I’ve usually used Shift + Right Click to get to the “Open Command Window Here” option in the menu. It works, but the following tip is much nicer.

Just type cmd or powershell (overwrite the existing path) in the path field of the Windows Explorer, and hit Enter.

That is it! The cmd will just open directly in the path you were browsing in your Windows Explorer.

Great tip!


Thanks peSHIr